Think of us as Enterprise Resource Planning for your Human Capital


Expectancy Learning is a cloud based mobile enabled talent management and development platform that fully integrates training, development planning, and performance management to produce business intelligence that drives strategic human capital management.

Effectively managing and developing talent requires organizations to be highly effective during every stage of the talent lifecycle.

In order to be effective at all of these things, you must be able to constantly take the information you learn during each phase  and share it with the others so they can adapt accordingly.

The challenge almost all organizations face is the lack of connection of this vital information loop from phase to phase.

The gap that exists in effectively managing & developing talent is between your current:

The Existing Solutions Claim to Bridge the Gap, but They Don’t

They sell “modules” for each phase as though portions of it are optional.

Expectancy provides one platform for talent management and development.

Expectancy Learning is designed from a Performance and Organizational Development Mindset

Performance management and development drive all areas of the platform.

User centric design provides team, function, and enterprise level analytics.

Want to bridge the gaps in talent management and development?  We’d love to talk to you more!