Combating Implicit Biases By Tracking Competencies

Competencies, Biases, Implicit Biases, Performance

You have looked over your team’s latest performance metrics, which reveals your top and lowest performers. What makes your top performers so successful? We often receive responses like: they are a hard worker, they are easy to work with, or they come from a strong background. Are these observations accurate depictions of their behavior? In contrast, why are your lowest … Read More

Training and Development – Filling the Content Gap

Training and development content gap, competencies

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a frustrated sales leader. You’ve just finished reviewing your team’s results from the latest quarter, and with a hefty sigh, you acknowledge that they are underperforming. This is disheartening, considering that in the last year, you have invested a lot of time, money and effort into developing what you thought was a comprehensive training … Read More

A Shift Towards Social and Collaborative Learning

Social and Collaborative learning strategies

It is exciting to see that some organizations are realizing the potential of using social and collaborative learning strategies for organizational development. For example, course completion increased 85% on a Harvard Business School online education initiative when it introduced these strategies. By implementing social and collaborative learning strategies into employee training and development programs,  forward-thinking organizations are fostering communities of engaged, motivated, … Read More

It’s Time to Re-think How You Deliver Training Programs

Important and usually urgent business needs result in significant investments in designing, developing, and delivering training programs. However, these programs are more than just a mechanism for delivering content and developing skills.

How to Retain your Best People as Unemployment Drops

Unemployment is nearing record lows as it recently dropped to 3.9 %, providing further proof that the market for talent continues to become even more competitive. In order to build and sustain a strong workforce in today’s competitive landscape, talent retention is likely just as big of an issue.