Performance Management 2.0

  Through the process of performance management, companies are able to effectively plan, oversee performance, develop employees, and give vital feedback. So why are virtually all performance management software solutions designed to help make compensation decisions? Instead of being used to reward successful contributors, shouldn’t your performance management system turn all employees into successful contributors? To get different results, companies … Read More

Expectancy Learning: Why You Should Rethink Your HR Technology

Finding, managing, and developing talent is challenging for everyone. In a talent market as competitive as today’s, acquiring the right people is even more difficult and necessary. With a huge amount of tools and software platforms to support everything from hiring, to performance reviews, to training, it seems like it should be easier right? Even with all the right information … Read More

Moving to Modern Learning Requires the Right Technology

Employers continue to explore various ways of leveraging technology to train and develop their people. Implementing a microlearning, or bite-sized chunk learning, strategy into their training programs is a commonly discussed option. By breaking up the training process into smaller, more consumable lessons, employees are being engaged with learning material on a much more regular basis. This style of learning … Read More