How it Works

Skills & Competencies Mapping

Mapping skills and competencies to job roles is foundational to informing professional development and modeling and management of performance.

Expectancy allows you to customize the skills and competencies that are mapped for each job role or you can choose to begin by using our carefully designed models for various common roles in organizations.

Once skills and competencies are mapped to job roles, you can begin “tagging” content with the appropriate skills and competencies that are being developed. When content is experienced by users it reports the results to their individual development progress.

Learner Centric Development Planning / Tracking

Development planning is a key component to improving performance and employee engagement when it is an ongoing focus vs. a component of an annual conversation.

Expectancy is unique in how it drives development planning because it doesn’t just manage progression through assigned Curricula.  It uses content tagging to to measure developmental progress against the individuals skill and competency models.

Performance Modeling / Management Tools

Long gone are the days of annually appraising and discussing performance.  To maximize organizational capabilities Performance must be constantly reviewed by individuals, managers, peers, and mentors.

Expectancy delivers a structured platform that enables standard and objective performance management to occur using our standard or fully customizable performance assessments and clean visual dashboard performance reports.

The performance dashboard informs healthy and productive development conversations and heavily influences Development plans.

Social Learning & Mentoring Platforms

Social learning isn’t just about discussion boards or instant messengers as a way to communicate in a talent development platform.   Social learning is about sharing ideas and information, recognizing subject matter expertise, and higher performance.  And most importantly, it is about connecting the organization around learning and development whether you are down the hall or a continent away.

Expectancy Learning provides connected communication platforms that foster a culture of learning and collaboration while capturing and providing transparency to learning needs, trends, and training effectiveness to executive and learning leadership.

This is an important feedback loop and enables you to constantly observe and engage learners on learning priorities, gaps, and opportunities for improvement.

Advanced xAPI Based Learning Management System

Times have changed.  The LMS is no longer the primary solution for developing talent.  However, a well built modern learning management system is foundational to providing access to content on all technology platforms and providing the data, analytics, and reporting necessary to effectively manage and develop talent.

Expectancy Learning leverages the rich reporting and analytic capabilities of the TinCan / xAPI to not only provide insight into content management, but also to help organizations better understand how their talent learns and the most effective ways to deliver and design content.